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Prince Reports Heaven is Dull

Prince Reports Heaven is Dull

THE HEAVENS–The Soul Formerly Known as Prince reported Thursday that after experiencing Eternal Paradise for 4 months, he found it “vanilla.”  “Neon pegaguses?” the megastar and eccentric party host groaned and rolled his eyes, while giving a subtle wave to Jimi Hendrix and Mohammad Ali, who soared past him on trails of exploding stardust.  “They’re … Continue reading

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Open Letter To The Priest Who Read About The Death Of Possessed Pigs At My Mother’s Funeral [The Big Jewel]

My nonfiction piece about my mom’s funeral, and the surprising readings that were a part of it (hint:  they were about demonic possession), is published on The Big Jewel this week.  Give it a look. Yes, it’s nonfiction.  Every bit of it. Continue reading